Mr Rakesh Vesta & Mr Dilip Rathor later formed the company Layers with other two partners, Mala Rathor & Jaysingh Vesta. Mr Rakesh Vesta was associated with Hunnarshala since last 8-9 years for rehabilitation as well as other projects post-earthquake. They were migrant construction artisans who came to Kutch from Madhya Pradesh. Hunnarshala involved them in its projects and trained them in earthen technologies. Over the years they specialized in stabilized rammed earth construction technique. They encouraged & mentored them to apply this technique in main streaming construction practices.

Role of Hunnarshala

Hunnarshala has been involved as the mentor for this team. Hunnarshala is a not-for- profit organization whose basic objectives are  

  • To understand the traditional knowledge and validate them through research initiatives and link it with the contemporary application through the local artisans and education initiatives
  • To promote eco-friendly, cost effective and low energy building designs, materials and techniques, which have glimpses of local culture and aesthetics.
  • To work towards environmentally sustainable towns and villages, which promote local management and control, empowerment of the local community and ensure dignified living for citizens by providing basic housing and services.
  • To responds immediately and appropriately to disasters by providing guidance to the affected communities through owner driven construction approaches.
Hunnarshaala, as an organization always supported experiment of new technologies and believed in empowering local artisan community. They gathered the local artisan’s team and educated them with the same technologies. The number of possibilities with this system have been growing and evolving with each project. After being a part of this wonderful journey the artisans finally initiated the company Layers and started doing Rammed earth construction projects under technical guidance of Hunnarshala.

This residential project was designed by Mr Dhaval Mistry and Vishal Mehta. Their awareness about the benefits of the rammed earth wall construction inspired them to use the same in their construction. The artisans...

Setu office

Setu is an NGO which works with community empowerment. The NGO’s main office building was designed and constructed by Hunnarshala. Being a promoter for alternative construction techniques the office was constructed with a combination of CSEB & rammed earth walls by Hunnarshala with the help of trained artisans.

Hunnarshala Campus

The Hunnarshala campus building was completely an evolving structure itself. It was designed with a sole reason to demonstrate all the alternative ...


Khamir is an NGO which works to strengthen and promote the rich artisanal traditions of Kutch district. They envision to create a democratic and empowering space – a common roof under which a range of stakeholders ....

Foundation of ecological securities

FES is an organization committed to strengthening, reviving or restoring, where necessary, the process of ecological succession and the conservation ...

Public installation of a sculpture

In 2013, Chief Minister of Gujarat planned to celebrate the Gujarat day in Navsari in southern part of Gujarat. The place is best known for the salt march ...

Karigar shala Hostel building

Karigar shala is a training facility center developed under the guidance of Hunnarshala in Bhuj where they educate, promote...

M.B.Farm House

M.B.Farm house is a residential project in Ahmedabad. The project was designed by Mr. Sanjay Punjabi. Different sizes & thickness of rammed earth ...

Residence of Vishal Mehta

This residential project was designed by Mr Dhaval Mistry and Vishal Mehta. Their awareness about the benefits of the rammed earth wall ...


This project helped 1456 nomadic and Meghwal families build their homes. The traditional Bhungas (circular rooms) on extended plinths was adapted to incorporate stabilized earth blocks and rammed earth walls and tiled roofs with the involvement of master...


Sardar Nagar is a relocation site developed for the earthquake affected poor families of Bhuj city. Hunnarshala developed the master plan for the 21 acre site and ...